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Heart disease Age-Adjusted Death Rate

This indicator shows the age-adjusted death rate due to Heart Disease per 100,000 population.

Measurement Period: 2009-2011
Value: 222.5






HP 2020

  • 133.4
  • 216.4
  • 299.1

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Historical Data

  • Measurement Period Value
    2009-2011 222.5
    2010 237
    2009 196.8
    2008 245.4
    2007 233
    2006 229.5
    2005 201.5
    2004 241.4
    2003 257.9
    2002 258.9
    2001 213.5
    2000 273.2

Peer Counties

  • Peers included in this indicator: Adams, OH; Pike, OH;

  • 222.5
    • 222.5
    • 225.5
    • 229.2
  • Peer counties are those counties similar in population composition and selected demographics. Of the peer counties, only the ones that have data for the same indicator/time frame have been included.

    This county has 39 peer counties

    Peer counties (counties and county-like geographic areas) in stratum number 52 were stratified on the basis of the following factors: Frontier Status, Population Size, Poverty, Age, Population Density

    All Peer Counties for Adams

    Dallas, AL; Miller, AR; St. Francis, AR; Jackson, FL; Coffee, GA; Decatur, GA; Laurens, GA; Sumter, GA; Carter, KY; Evangeline, LA; Iberville, LA; Jefferson Davis, LA; St. Martin, LA; Bolivar, MS; Coahoma, MS; Leflore, MS; Lincoln, MS; Marion, MS; Marshall, MS; Neshoba, MS; Panola, MS; Pearl River, MS; Sunflower, MS; Duplin, NC; Adams, OH; Pike, OH; Cherokee, OK; Sequoyah, OK; Clarendon, SC; Marlboro, SC; Claiborne, TN; Caldwell, TX; Jim Wells, TX; Waller, TX; Buchanan, VA; Russell, VA; Boone, WV; Mason, WV; Preston, WV; Wyoming, WV;

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